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 The Power & Collaboration of n(9)ne

This multifunctional Binaural frequency has various benefits, for different regions of the brain – to which have specific venues and roles.  The Binaural frequency presented here, offers relief from anxiety, headaches, vertigo, dizziness, toxicity, hormonal imbalance, neurological-electromagnetic disturbances and acts as a powerful sleep-aid. 

The vibrational effects of the fourth wavelength help to causally reform, or appropriate the crystals of which are responsible for mammalian equilibriums, or senses of balance.

The resonant effects of the entwined first, third and eighth wavelengths helps to reduce the severity of migraine headaches, and subsequently negates the actuated symptomatics of physical pain, related to headaches.

The coursed regiment of the second, fifth and ninth wavelengths sound (smart-aide) and match the relative vibrational frequency (in hertz) that your inner-ear (Eustachian tube) and audio cortex exude, effectually reducing the symptomatics of anxiety, and shakiness, or tremulous autonomic reaction.  With the proper application of the Binaural-f, one may experience increased tremors or shakiness, to which is caused by the frequency’s perpetuated state of vibration and resonation, matching sequences of the cortical-quadrants, audibly, which in effect, aid in the body’s natural attempt to correct physiological misalignments, displaced joints, liver, kidney and urinary toxicities, and epileptic fits. 

In time, over an appropriated course of regimented use/application of the T3T Binaural, one will notice less physiological stress, relating to anxiety, headache and epilepsy; more, through audible induction and vibration of varied anatomic componentry (namely, the brain stem, the spinal cord, the inner-ear – Eustachian tubes, eye-crystals and jaw) the body with aid of the technological medicine, will entrain the brain, and as subsequence, the nervous system will be corrected.  In essentiality; in effectuality., the T3T-B acts as a personal chiropractic corrector, a stress-reducer, a headache annihilator, and an effective sleep-aid. 

For the most beneficent effects, use the Binaural as follows, accordingly…

If present and possible, use planar-magnetic over-ear headphones (Audiophile headsets)., w/ a mini-amplifier (amplification/oscillation device), such as the HIFI-MAN, as the electromagnetism externally caused through resonant vibrational sequence of each earphone, helps to more accurately, and practically retain the full-effect of the T3T-B’s power/capacity; effusively, allowing for the absolute isolation of medicinal sound, to be retained and resided, and resound within the brain – through repeated constancy of frequency-applicability, causally having to this such affection – containment and reverberation, via., resonation by vibration through electromagnetic entrainment of the brain, affecting all five [empirical] cortexes, simultaneously., for the effect, and thereto…static electricity, fainted by collision of subatomic particles, trapped within the vibrating earphones. 

Prolonged use may cause lethargy, and exceeding loudness past the oscillated capacity of the normative output of (a) db. of 20+ or range beyond that scope can cause temporary dizziness, deafness and sleep-REM induced paralysis (if awoken during any of the three stages of sleep), if exposed to exceedingly loud output.  Additionally, interference can occur through the following modes: excessive rubbing of body against environmental objects (such as bedsheets, pillow, or walls, to which have the effect of creating infinitesimal amounts of static-shock), stereo antennas (extended and online), and/or with the negating of the T3T-B’s medicinal beneficence, through sleeping with your arm/hands over your head and face, sleeping in extremely damp and cold environments (being outside in the fall or winter) and/or with other devices online and running – especially with audio enablement, such as television sets, computers, tablets, phones and watches, will by effect, counteract the purposed effects of the T3T-B, by cancelling the serene setting, with interference, albeit, non-entangling, frequentially, or by quantum level(s), but by distraction and interruption of the numerous sleep-stages.

T3T’B is an entwinement of interworking, intermitting, and fine-tuned frequencies, aimed at assisting the biochemical makeup of the brain, work as biologically intended, as best it can – by effectually speeding up cognitive processing (for incremental times after use), super-charging cortexes, and empirical ability (improvement of the senses), by collisional, or collusion-propagated induction (as amplified by electromagnetism, and/or over-ear headphones) of protons and electrons, with neutron discharge helping to dampen, and subsequently heal damaged neurons, aid in speedily conceiving new ones, and entraining current ones – all whilst forcing (through process of deadening) dead-cells to the base(s) of the skull (clearing and making room for newly-working life). |186^3/2| – .03-. |96| – |64| – |18| – |12| – |9| – |7| – |6| – 9.9 |3| – |1| –
3.-01 |0| –

If using NVidia, follow these steps to enable atmospheric conditioning needed for these frequencies.
For Windows 7/8, navigate to Start Menu, Control Panel, Hardware and Sounds, Nvidia Control Panel, Audio Options, ‘Sound Enhancement 100% + increase, ‘Studio sound settings,,'” clicking accept/ok, enabling optionality for viewing status of NVidia Control Panel on taskbar. Windows Vista doesn’t have the compatibility necessitated for the aforementioned.
If none of the aforementioned is viable for you, then consider iTunes and/or Windows Media Player, VLC Player, or QuickTime Player; enable optionality under Windows Media Player for surround sound settings (may only be applicable with headset, depending on OS.)
This Binaural plays at 320 Kbps playback/quality speed, as of now – it is lossless in Waveforms’ playback; The time duration of the audio file is precisely one hour long — if desired for (extended sleeping parameters), simply toggle repeat on — and it will keep you asleep for a while (lest you awake and disable repeat.)
You’ll need either an (over-ear) headset; I recommend planar-magnetic over-ears or stereo speakers (with the capability to enable surround sound: Dolby 5.1 Digital Surround Sound), for example.


The following components are incorporated into the audio file, targeted for human physiology — and neuro-networks/chemistry amongst the hemispheric regions of connectivity. There are nine (9) different audio files implemented and entwined for effectual usage of such mentioned audio file, in no particular order here are the components.

I. ‘The Golden Ratio’ 321 Hz;
II. Earth’s Sun – the 8117 fz-Hz frequency the sun radiates at for (resonation of bone disparity, and dense regional healing of bone, nervous system and neuro-pathways.)
III. Nerve Regeneration treatment (You may feel mild to severe sensations of tremulous/tremulating or uncontrollable muscle spasms – this is normal and safe.
IV. Powerful Sleep Aid (state of plateau/arousal for induction of tiredness and sleepiness)
V. Reverberation Resonator (The Attenuator) for usage of particle collision, attrition and revocation — for such removal of dead brain cells, expelling such depleted cellular organisms to the cranium (inner-forehead atop the brain.)
VI. Spatial Reason – Improvement (for the exponential increase of abstraction and creativity in thought.)
VII. Logics and mathematics improvement (for the slight increase of the invariance of hemispheric crossings, eg., CI(DI)+3-DI(CI) or laymen’s…increased connectivity and efficacy of hemispheric regions connecting to one another — allowing the ability to utilize both hemispheres (constructive and destructive) interferences, as one will have the ability to access simultaneously and utilize ultimately both sides of the brain – left and right, for overall more efficient thought processing, brain-wave relaying, and alpha, gamma, theta, delta, beta, zeta, etc., production.
VIII. Anxiety/Headache annihilator (for quickened reduction of anxiety and headaches.)
IX. (9), the ‘god particle’ enabler; for use of the institution of incorporated pineal-gland or (third eye) stimulation, affecting directly (the forehead, a place set upon the very top of the nose’s crevice and precipice), it will feel much like a massage — as it forcefully releases endorphins, and propagates (and motions dopamine release), effectively equilibrating and entraining the mammalian brain.

The Power & Collaboration of n9ne (Binaural Beat)

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