Dark Literature

03/30/16: Happy Birthday: To Me…

…another extreme low has arisen…, on my birthday, with very few loved ones to spend it with.  Depression hits me at unkindly times, it hits hard, and always lingers, leaving me to weepingly seclude myself to sorrowful solemnity, to wallow so heavily…the despair is so profoundly great, that it leaves me gasping for air, as though breathless and dead.  

The graven waning, so dispiritedly defeating…to think, all we love will one day cease, to think, all we care for will suffer unto death, to think, injustice, wickedness and depravity are supremely conquerless, that they are wistfully vexatious…and to think, that there is no remand in the end, that after such is desisted, that all is truly lost, forevermore forgotten, to the dusts of time.