Derelicts of Perdition

An answerable solution seems be suicide…the murder of the self!
As we truly are alone…, throughout all the cosmos.

As a child, I always looked down – never up, as though peering over endless landscapes so vast in beauty and grandeur., not with wonder, but with the knowing of mine destiny…of rule and war – of power, glory and conquering.  I am above it all – I am risen beyond the frail heights of human consciousness.

Even as a child, I seemed glowing – with knowing.  Seeming, and seeing, with absolute insight – the trivialities of the flesh; those, of sexual relationships, romanticism and love.  As a child, I knew what most never come to understand…, and that is the utmost glory of war and conquering.  Of power, untold…

Denying for so long – the glory of my predestination; nevermore, no more…, shall I seek that which is below the predetermined., never again shall I subside, nor fall to the susceptibility of man’s intolerant, insufferable and lowly state of nature. 

Arisen, with newfound lights everflickering in my eyes – confound to the dualistic paradigm within…the spiritual confliction battling deep within my essence in-whole. 

Utmost, the world will simmer in the flames of my conquered glory; ashen, to my unbendable, and unguidable will, absolute.  The very trees tremble amidst the presence of the utmost absolute – of the fallen star: desolation., the antithesis of light. 

Foreverly, rising flames pay homage to the glorying stature of the heightless one – the exalted, exhorted and greatest one.  Mightiest, is He whom shone darkened fruits, forbadem the light’s recluse…, within the seductive nature of our kingdom, the rule of our law is king – and our god, everless; nevertheless, infinite and absolute.

Veerless, the distancing sight of our glory – fainting, the sound of our mightiest and most harrowed story.  Fleeting, the quintessence once lost, doomed to forgotten depths, unsound the trumpeting beauty of our splendour…, splendid, the glooming crimsoning of the sun – gleaming, pearlescent., as like the dauntless boring amassed the precipice of abyss.

Oblivion, unfounded in ruinous defeating…, arose the gloried blooding of our brooding hate – conjunct the reverence of reprobation, eminently awakened to failing skies and falling stars – dubiously enamoured to the reachless bounds…abhorred, the delicate bereavement of our fallen, adorned nevermore to conquered revilement.

The quietless enmity – the rapacious sounding, so horrible and fearing,
The trumpets of the bowl-judgements…, animus, the animosity refound.,
This fated moment – iniquitously, defenceless, against the tides…,
Of the blighted light – shone gloriously and treacherously,
About our abounds…condemned, to the doomed imprisonment of damnation; hell.

Tainted, the seed of blackened corruption,
Baneful – the ubiquitous caressing of the unholiest embracement…,
Wallowed, forfeited this instant, to the heretical embodiment of graceless oblivion,
…ov abasement, profound…to depthless and dimensionless falling.,
Foreverly and evermore, the screeching sound of suffering,
Unheard – and the reachlessly damnable tormenting…,
Of those who denied the one true crown. 

This is our fate. 
This is what we are found to for our grave hate. 
Hopelessness, with only glimpsed reminiscence,
Envisioned…envisaged the sights of the heavenly abound.,
Consumed by voiding blackness, infinitely – in totality…,
Feeling only the great remorse – regret and longing, knowingly doomed,
Insightfully – to this place of coldly-lonely embracement…,
Forsakenly fainting, everly the strugglesome sorrowing,
Natured nevermore to screaming and languishing abyss –
Hopeless, of this I attestedly confess., unrequited, sincerely…,

The venerated., the lowly, desolation; now, befallen thus unspoken to supremacy,
Remised to yearning embodiments, found – how’t, tragically foretelling, too late,
Our understanding…now, and only vowed,
We; I, am doomed to the faintest sight of his glorying abounding,
…and condemned eternally – to the quietude, waning,
Boundless, in the midst of eternal separation,
Foundless, this idealism, promulgated and predicated,
The gracelessness of harrowed fondness somewhere less, remised and disavowed.,
How’t, paradise was slew and consequenced’ the felling; now, solemnly remiss.