A fondness, formless

How glooming, the recollection of your dooming,
How glooming, the recalling of your dooming.,
How despairing, the retelling of your fabled tale,
How despairing, the retelling of your great felling.,
To you, whom fell as a star – like lightning from the heavens afar…,
You, the nethermost; the netherist shining star…,
The retelling of your great fabled tale, felling…
Fly with me…soaring.,
The songbird sings of grave sorrow…,
Despair; despairing the loftiness of melancholy and sadness, sorrowing…
So, I welcome you, death…, the grandest commendation!
Fly with me farther the sky – beyond the sun…, with the sorrowing flies,
I reign…  I reside, absolute – on the nethermost star., so I say, look high…,
Stare in awing wonder – be testament to my glory.,
For my sorrowful struggle is great,

Ov endless magnitude; landscapes, unnerved…
Beholden, the façade – the cascade of divinest winds,
Transcendence, resplendence…
Fulfilled, the long waited prophetic moment,
The immutable voice, graceless., the loftiness of the lowly abyss…
Precipice’d, the disgraced! 
Retold, the consummatory entanglement,
Engorged, the enfacing obfuscation.,
A heart hungering for darkness; for cold and quiet shadows;
Insatiably, thirsting., as unquenchable for power…aspiring for apotheosis;
With great adversity towards light, love and warmth;
Longing for affinities with heights;
Until, quietless oblivion…