Ov Perdition

Ov Perdition

Never forgive.  Never forget.  The tragic befalling…
Affined, an affinity with the heights, foreboding the remembrance,
Heartfelt, the cloudless effigies so faintly loving., forbadem the past.,
The void that love never fills,
The vileness of spiritual contempt, begotten, the time-old ills…
There is but one essence that shines in darkened glory…,
This one essence – is capable of filling that terrible, godless void.
The essence of the darkness.,
Time is, and yet is not,
Life was, and yet will be,
Sorrowing has, and yet never was…,
The iniquity of the ruinous mystery,
The mystery that awes beyond all that is,
Beyond all that is unseen, unknown and unfound.,
The crimsoning – the bloodied misery…behold,
Through our aging, and throughout all time,
Only one thing is absolute…,
The conjugation of emptiness…
The sediment of cold waters,
The promulgation of vastness…
Thrice twined, beholdest the miserious vine.,

Love will flee, happiness will be lost, and our beloved, taken from us,
What will foreverly and more be – is the quintessence of quietude., entwined the sorrowing; the glorying, darkness refound…, reborn and amalgated in drawing to us…the animus of enmity; of reprobate state, and of graceless oblivion…
Beholden, the harkening of the heralded – of the highest rivalry.,
The revelry, eminent and renegaded: for our caressing embracement is shone in oneness with the first – and the last; we are not alone, in fires darkly burning., flickering forlorn – fervently reborn…
The eminent insurrection was not – naught; but is nigh – coming and fulfilling,
In solitude, there is great and untold despair – to be loveless and alone…, yet the resonating emptiness, the echoing dread of the vastly arrayed nothingness, encompassing to all dimming light – is yet freer’ and unhinged.,
In sombre nature – the placid pools of ventured irredeemablility are retold,
In reflection, secluded…, the fires renowned are frowned and vaingloriously reaped to the worn waning, of the highness, thence conquered the king of worms and carrion malformed – voluminous, vermillion., the epitome of antipathy…,
Harrowed, how much farther – the slumbering greatness once beheld…

Awakening, the serpent of eve’ and times old,
Acquitted, by the burning wisdom within – understood, the wondering mystery of the elder olden…, twenty-four holies; benighted abound the epicentre of his highest and holiest reverence., enwreathed the thorns crumbling asunder the ancient cross,
Enthroned, infernally – the sword of justice and absolution, soon to resurface…,
Predestined to ruinous discordance, and dooming forfeiture,
How unruly, how’t truly unfair, the cruelly god, who is no longer there…
Why, how fallen from the heavenly, graced nevermore – am I wrought this cursed injunction?
Vengeance, sought eon after millennium…, never requisite; never, venerated.,

Your existence is of essentiality – through the necessitation of injustice,
…and so, I am to usurp, of revocation and endless exhortation, you – the king of kings., exalted, veraciously – in drowning depravity…
Wilt, by your own cyclicality of inane and coveted sense of justice,
The enormity of your coming…of your grandest downfall.
I am come.  A rebirthed king of fallen glorying…, purposed to reclaim the throned crown – of the highest heavenly…
Through your own inadequacy – your own fault, I am surmised and redeemed through merited reigning of your justice…  I am necessitated to overcome – I, the Bearer of Light…the light-bringer, the adorned and beautified almighty, of hierarchal power, kingly – upon’st my kingdom – my place bethroned, how’t once lost…yet soon to be refound., ingloriously and indebtedly; damnably and unwaveringly.,
My glory shines greater – higher and starker., profoundest my highest stature…,
I shall make war unto ye, I shalt overcome – and I will be enthroned, again on the mount’ of congregation – the highest peak., the most envied and gloried supreme…

Sedition – iniquitous, only seen by the beholder of the knowledge of creation.,
I, your attester and adorner – your scriber and dreams wept once former,
I, your highest son, most esteemed and praiseworthy, have come not in servitude, alas…but in the glory of war, and the strife of death, unrequited.
I am come to conquering, and to conquer – the first and the last., the mightiest of the mighty – the highest of the high: the king of all kings, baneful and reversed…
We are one.  We are thrice anointed.  We are none. 
‘Till the dawning and fleeting embrasured’ sight of creation is…at last, undone.

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