Apt for the Abstract

An ever-echoing sense of loss…of absolute emptiness; and, eternal waning., wanting and longing…,; felling forevermore, absolved nevermore…consumed in entirety; fallen., irredeemably lost to unfound depths — succumbed to defeatism, and cast away…, but out of the Divinest semblance of grace…evermore drowning in seas of marble and sulphur; reprobate — given up, taken away, stripped of joy., and robbed of glory.., beholden, the depths, how far I’ve fallen; without end, in void and lightless abyss…stricken darkly, marveled not the profoundest, of the profaned, never the more darker, or starker; the iniquity of the spirit’s embodied quintessence; emboldened and brazened., forged and made anew in the likeness of the burning sun — the sum of all eternities., beginning and unending…shaped in his perfect image., in burningly fluorescent and unfaltering annexation, how exquisite!  Arisen, Clay…, borne endlessly, the breath of mourning and life, conveyably felt; doomed to perdition, how perfidious the reprimanding condemnation., stalked the fevered nature, of weathered imminence, and unheard heights; mightily, and steadfastly, climbing the peak, traversing the highest point…conquering the precipice.

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