The Regressive Left, Realtime

                                                 Originally Published on Sep 6, 2016

     While eating breakfast in the morning of September 6th’, Tuesday, of 2016, I looked for something interesting to listen to on XMRadio. I came across something I thought may be intellectually-stimulating. I was wrong; dead wrong…, what I found, had profoundly negative effects, which is contrary to what I had sought out. The first twenty-five (25) minutes is all you need to hear to see my point-through. This is emblematic of anti-intellectual, regressive left rhetoric, with bias, toxic ideas and foul language. I hope you find this program as infuriating as I did. Enjoy!
[A progressive talk radio show syndicated nationally, mixing humor with the latest political events.

     “Prior to going nationwide, Stephanie pulled #1 ratings at KABC and KFI in Los Angeles and other radio stations in New York and Chicago.
You know her from tons of exposure on TV, and on comedy’s prime stages: host of CNBC’s Equal Time, Oxygen TV’s I’ve Got a Secret, and many others. Stephanie has also appeared on CNN’s Joy Behar, Larry King Live, Reliable Sources, as well as MSNBC’s The Ed Show, Hannity and Colmes and Neal Cavuto on Fox News, the Today Show, the Tonight Show, Good Morning America, among many others.
     Stephanie comes to the left, from the right.’ She’s the daughter of William Miller, Barry Goldwater’s 1964 Republican presidential running mate.
Her humor and snappy political wit draws listeners from all sides and makes her the perfect antidote to cantankerous conservatives.
The Stephanie Miller Show is produced by WYD Media Management and is syndicated by WestWood One, the nation’s leading independent radio programming company.]”

                                       XM127: Progress: “The Stephanie Miller Show.”

     Of all the vociferous, and regressive left ramblings heard this year, the show mentioned, had some of the worst.  Talk about anti-intellectual., confrontational and offensive – the host and her (two co-hosts) quite truthfully, spent the better part of the first hour of the show making silly sounds, playing obnoxious film/music clips, lip-servicing (and mimicking) historical persons such as Adolf Hitler, with the words of Donald J. Trump, purporting pettiest insults, and misinformation.  With obnoxious tone, the cohosts made defamatory remarks – via mimicking, people with speech impediments, neuro-disabilities (motor function disabilities), and of course, all with biased undertone (when, for the few moments of live-air where the hosts actually produced a copyrighted news-piece, and simply commented on them, cutting, and muxing as willed). 

The show was consistent of mockery, satirical humor (that is being generous), and disingenuous discourse.  With constancy, the host and cohosts attacked the ideological framework of those who disagree with them (having differing viewpoints), referring to conservative-normed persons as racists, bigots, xenophobes, stupid, simpleminded, and problematic.  At some points, they stated (with mimicked tone from Adolf Hitler) that Trump would “Make Amerikkka Great Again,” and take away the rights from the “Jews, and have them all deported, regardless of person and circumstance.” 

Having attempted myself, to call in to the program (radio-program), I was denied not once, but three times, from speaking on-air, live – with the host and cohosts.  Whereas, there was at least one viewer/caller who made it on air, who did nothing but pass pleasantries onto the host, calling her a “sexy liberal lady,” and then continuing his elaboration upon the foundations of ‘Trump sucks…he’s racist and stupid – and not political establishment, and stuff.’ 

Had I the pleasure of making it on live-air with the host and cohosts, I would have said… Shame on you, and your cohorts; with all of that vociferous and unintelligible blabber, the dishonest, and anti-intellectual rambling (or severed semblance of conversation), the disingenuous and petty matters of discussion, and thence finally – how there is no substance to anything on their show., as it is simply a hate-filled three-hour manifesto of toxic-minded, foul-mouthed idiocy, complete with incoherent ramblings, dishonest and biased “news” and anti-intellectual leftist, regressive subjection.  Or, at least, something along those lines, and judging by the adrenaline-begot anger at the time of the broadcast, my words would have been far more vulgar and personable, undoubtedly.  Guess what?  Violence begets violence, as does rudeness, crudeness and subjection. 

Here is an audio-clip (depiction) of the mess that is a radio-show, entitled Progress: “The Stephanie Miller Show.” 

 The Stephanie Miller Show (Audio Clipping)

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