The Life without You

Oh, Sweet suffering; you’ve embraced me, and so, I shall embrace you…until the gory end of things…hold me tight, and never let me go, for we’re soulmates, we’re destined for one another…for you are my only friend, and I, your only amend; together, we shall be unstoppable — together, we will remain conquerless…without form, without colour, and to this, reclusive remiss, conjoint to elusive collusion, amiss…

My faith, though unwavering, belongs only to the darkness, and my soul, though waning, remains yours, unto the ends of time…our loving caress is more, our unholy entanglement is beyond the fields of mourn…, and so, I bid you farewell and goodbye not, for our adventure is still yet young, and our mission, undone.

Because the light of god is unfulfilling, I accepted this dark fate, on that effusive night…and though, so I am now hallow, the embarking journey to come, is well worth my life and some…for we were always meant to be — forever, boundless and free, to wander, and to wonder, in errs times long ago, and eons to untellingly entail…in this pursuance, in that absence, there is but one quintessential light — borne, again, of flickering and eerie night.

Though, our story is legendary in its sorrowful tale, the depicted encounter still disparages thine vessel in whole…for God predestined us to a greater call, to be beckoned by the son of perdition, to take them all…, 

Henceforth, this bleak, and grimacing tale — of lovers, and of friends, fulfilling prophecies,  for a greater embarkment., and to a fitting end…for our inception begat deception, and great and untold suffering, for all whom oppose…if together, we always remain, then forever, our god will reign…for our purpose is yet unfulfilled, though our existence, meaningfully foretold.

In great and treacherous stretches, the heavens seep out, and seem reach open — the embrasure visible, the path chosen…and in these despairing reviles, our instinct must yet remain unbridled…for you and I are essential to the forbidden lessons of cruelty, and heresy parabled;  

For the iniquitous and seditious tree remains unopened, and our downtrodden path, unwoven…, through the threads of time, we shall bear witness to a great many things, demised forfeiture, and dismal overture, need become unravelled, and our spirits, how antiquated, unrivalled…our destination is clear, our venue spoken for, and our minds, imprisoned more, to this — the everlasting, the blissless abyss… 

For we are doomed to inherit that reprobated and hideous crater, so graven, that place Sheol, named the place of mourning…, and though our pain is real, and unending, we shall take pleasure in knowing we served our part to a greater purpose, unfettered…destined., from conception to irredemption, unrelenting, unfaltering, unwavering and hindering, this bittersweet moment, in quietus solace, where whence we bore, we shall rebore…

Reborn, reformed…, to suffer a thousand crucifixions, to take on a great many deaths, for the saken purpose, of cavalry, and his will as though living, voiceless, in appeal, and remorseless, in wiser detail: rescind, amid the deepest depths of ascension, rekindling to the felling fires of assured oblivion.

So, I ask of thee, as we are tasked to be…never let go., how I plead you never leave me, through anguished horror, and disheartened longing, let you and I, suffer amidst this allotted season of time, alloyed to be set free — entwined, in unkind times, and diverse troubles, of sorrowful struggles; beholden, then., terrible we are to be, for greater is the monolith and monster, in we.

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