The voiding negation is inexpressibly impassionate, so eerily unreal in affectionism. On today’s date, the first day of the year (Jan 1, 2016) I’ve felt such a low, not unlike the lows of my past, but still, so lowly defeated.  I feel so abstractly forlorn, so forebode and bewildered in this haplessness and emptiness.   It is possible, this extreme low is due to an awakening of dispirit – of realization of actualization, to the finality of things – to the inevitable ends of all loops, bonds and branes.
     I find it difficult to convey what it is exactly I feel, and increasingly more so every day. For every waking moment there is this sensation which is more a cessation; – an abstraction of thought, of mind, of spirit and heart; to which, seem intertwine such glooming sorrow, and thus gleam with such waning dissidence…of such meaningless, insignificant and incredulous formality, all forming the very febricity, the fabric and essence of the soul.
     There is a darkness, which longingly haunts my very being – to which is consuming as much as it is enveloping, a disturbance and disdainful existence, an informality, a dualism of spiritualism and a breaker of dissonance.

      What they feel is inexpressibly more…the passion of the darkness is so welcoming in its consuming void. The passion of the Antichrist…
      For you are the one hope; the Everflickering, the light that shines every moment, forevermore…blessed are you, holy art thou…eternal one: endless one…highest one.

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