As far as I’ve traversed,
No matter the starry verse,
The sun always sets in the same manner,
The sorrow is always of the matter,
Sometimes greater, though never lesser,
The setting sun seems reaching,
Knowing your longing, and your weeping,
As though whispering, I am eternal,
I am the source of your awe,
And I am the bane of it all,
In suffering so great, in glorying fate,
Suffer not yourself this same fleeting vastness.

Suffer not my same fate,
Eternalness is cursed,
It is consuming,
It is dooming,
Be weary no more,
For we shall see each other again tomorrow,
At dawn’s mournful eve,
Know for every day you see my shining countenance,
The grave, your redemption,
Is that much nearer, eternity in nothingness and inexistence,
Is that much drearier, beholden;
To cease conscience is of the most gracious gift,
For your suffering is but seasonal,
As ere is time and essence forlornly begotten by dimming horizons,
The longing will cease,
Whence you persist the deathly bliss,
The enveloping embrasure, of illumination reach-less,
Await me on the nethermost side,
For I shall not forsake you to the night…

The dualistic darkening,
The fright of night falling,
The coldness of progress,
The inevitability professed,
Forsaking forevermore, frowning,
In nihilism shrouded,
Yonder fare’s harrow mare,
The fog enshrouding,
The darkness so involving,
In concernment and forebadem, so eloquent,
If you cannot bear part from the glorious night,
Wait for me on the other side,
I rise without angle, favouritism or delegation,
For my light radiates invariably, innumerably,
… Infinitely and in-distantly.
Without regression nor sured reprise,
For the formless shimmering doth glimmer,
So dithering in lonely quietus solemnity,
I am the great confound,
I am named confliction,
So profoundly venerated with contrition,
I am the personified dualism,
I am the everflickering,
And I am the nightfelling,
For I am bewilderment complexly perplexing,
Foreverly unfound, unseen, and yearningly wallowed,
With wane and regretting disdain,
With dispiriting dilemma,
And disheartened reprobation,
Alas, I am the uncreated,
The boundless vexation of bornless premiss,
Enter the desperate cornerstone,
Delve deeper the desolate,
Lastingly bedridden of eternalness so cursedly forbidding,
Lavishing not the unbevelled, the seditious so loathing,
Converging with the transfixed,
In hapless congregation,
So welcomingly enticing,
… Is that eeriness of the iniquitous abyss,
Of voiding negation, of the befalling precipice,
So longingly afar, the toll of the immeasurably heavy,
The weight of the sun, awash ruinously defeating endlessness,
The overbearing oppression of ocean thunders roaring, ex nihilo.

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