The Process Of Dehumanization

Animosity comes before pride,
Which is but indifference – longingly mournful reprise,
Let the sorrow languish within, let the dark stir,
And let the waters drown you.  Inhale the flames,
Fall prey to the consuming waters, let your lungs fill up,
And allow death one final appeal.. –
Give unto those what they have given unto you,
Stand up righteously and justly, proud and confident; –
Make your name, earn your time under the sun, become something,
Be acknowledged, for the sun is so radiant in its brilliance,
That it always shines somewhere – as the sun is, so are you.

Befoul the innocent not, but give wisdom,
And share glory – for you too, were once…
Impoverished and disinherited,
For you too were once conquered and defeated.
Respect is only given unto those that earn their statuses,
And the riches of the flesh, for those whom seek out the simplest of things. 

Know this: the envious are only forbadem in their lonesome somnolence,
For they long and they wish for what you have…
– They yearn for warmth, love and beautiful embrace.
Those with love and caress, they have everything –
Those without these things know it, and they despise the stupid,
The spoiled and the selfish, as one who has been impoverished takes care of,
And looks out for, his loving embrace…beholden…

The glory of justice, the despairing foundation,
Boundlessly forsaken, and endlessly taken – advantage of,
Abused and misused, for self-gain, for game,
Impurity is iniquitous, and the deadening harrow,
The make of us – for we are of one essence,
A singularity, an entwinement of confounding confliction,
A perplexing prism…beholden,
We are the inhabitants of the dusts,
The inheritors of the grave, and the veering abyss,
Which gazes so curious, to the stars.

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