The Everlasting, The Everflickering…

Romance is immortalized,
love is unending,
Behold the weightlessness of time, and the shapelessness of despair…

Life is symbolic in its semblance to that of a snowman…
For we have our moment, for we have a season,
Where the sun does shine upon us,

Where light was shone and made us glimmer…
As seasons come and go, so do we fade,
Into distance and irr-remembrance.

The everlasting, the everflickering…
The darkness so long unawakened,

The despair so overtaken,
The blurring, the distortions so bleak,
The life without you, so coldly harrowed,
The vividness unimaginable, the bitter truths so hurtful,
What is left, without your embrace?

Wallowing places of distantly vast,

And desolately amassed remembrance,
And for what does this mind resonate?
Without you, the world is a cold emptiness, a wasting place…
Without your presence here,
Existence is forfeited to shades so deludingly imperfect,
Of faces so unimportantly awash,
The abysmal shores of reprised thought,
The seas of forbearance, the sands so inglorious,
The glimmer so unappealing, the shimmering so unreservedly contorting,
The haplessly disdained so conflicted and maladapted,
In undeservedly vainly bewildering, in places of vastness,
In lands of discordance, existing is the greater essence,

The once gloried, the last defeated, the kingdom evermore,
Lost is this graceless grimace, this place of erring emptiness,
Stirred and rewound, where light shineth forever,
And the everlasting expansively envisage.
Here lie the ashes of the unconquerable,
Forbadem to eternalness so darkly dimming,
Until the last light is shone,
And the unreachable rescind,
To the dissolution of this faintly indimutible soul,
Whence they wait conquering,
Where they are forsake to the same dainty fating,

Of reprobated pureness, ever-glorious to immured quietus,
Enveloped foreverly, this quenchless torment,
Where then, amassed the reputed, set aflame the pearly gates,
Inheriting, now, this far east of Eden, the childless night,
The unvanquished fight, where eternally the soundscapes…
Are of nightmarish compositions,
In servitude to the unconquered glorior…
So great is this darkening displace,
Of graveness and harrower embrace.

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